"There once was a man, riddled with physical misfortune. This man, by pure coincidence, stumbled upon an O-Inari-san, prayed to it, and.."

A manga begun in 2008 by Takagi Satoshi, Kitsune no Yomeiri (きつねのよめいり) is the ongoing story of an unfortunate boy, Highschool student Ousuke Hayame, and his sudden fiance, Kyouka of the White Fox clan, and their life together as she tries to grant Ousuke his desire for a "peacefu" life and Ousuke tries to live with Kyouka, her tricks, and her desire to be his bride.

A supernatural high school shounen manga, it covers Ousuke's school life with Kyouka and their relationship vs his misfotune, the other classmates, Kyouka's tricks, and more. It is currently six volumes in length, two of which have been translated into english. Imangascans is currently the main scanlator of the manga, and release translated chapters fairly frequently.



Ousuke HayameEdit

The main protagonist of the series, he is a misfortunate young man and high schooler. Throughout his life, he never has been abe to avoid misfortune, from birds having exact aim, to tripping over his own feet and falling down every staircase at school. Though often considered as nothing more than ordinary (some even calling Ousuke worthless), he does have standards that he will always try to live up to and Kyouka seems to like him more than he can understand why.

Kyouka HayameEdit

Kyouka is the female lead character of the series and is married to Ousuke. When Ousuke stumbled upon an O-Inari-san, he noticed that the statue had fallen over, and when he replaced the statue to its proper position, he tied the string that was around its neck. Little did he know that this was a marriage proposal and Kyouka showed up at his house later that day. Kyouka is a Princess of the White Foxes, although she looks like a human. She has the ability to transform and use special powers, such as fox-fire and turning people or animals into dogs. Like most other kitsune, she loves to play pranks and often does so on Ousuke. She decided to go to the same school that Ousuke goes to because she thinks it is fun. She is considered very beautiful and even has her own group of fans at the school dedicated to her. 


  • "Kitsune no yomeiri" (Translated to Fox's Wedding) is reference to the belief that, whenever it rains in a clear sky, it is actual a sign of a Kitsune Wedding.
  • The symbol Kyouk makes when she performs magic is the symbol of the Fox in the handgame Kitsune-Ken, which is more or less Rock Paper Scissors with Fox, Hunter, Village Elder

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