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A series written by Jin Shibamura, Wagaya no Oinari Sama (我が家のお稲荷さま) was originally a light novel series published under ACSII Media Works. Seven volumes have been published, the first of which won th Gold Prize in Dengeki's tenth novel prize contest. In 2007, a manga adaptation illustrated by Suiren Shofu started, and currently ha seven volumes. In 2008, an anime adaptation was released, consisting of 24 episodes. NIS America liscensed the anime for western release and the entire anime series is currently available for order from their store (japanese audio with english subtitles).

Light NovelsEdit

First published February 10, 2005,the Wagaya no Oinari Sama (Our Home's Fox Diety) is currently seven novels long. Written by Jin Shibamura with illustrations by Eizo Hoden, Dengeki (the publisher) does not seem to have any plans for an english tranlation to be released. The novels are available for order online ( will ship to North America for a rather large shipping fee). There is one who seems to be interested in translating the novels, but given the length of each and speed at which the translation is going, there most likely will not be any major english translation anytime soon. The seventh novel was released October 10, 2007 and as of yet, no continuation has been seen. Whether the series has concluded or not is unknown.


The manga of Wagaya no Oinari Sama drawn by Suiren Shofu, it was first published in Dengeki Comic Gao! in 2007 then transferred to Dengeki Daioh. It is currently in publication and follows the story of the Light Novels. Volume Seven was recently relesed, and all volumes are available online (through Amazon or other means). The first ten chapters have been translated to english by Hidoi~! Translators, though the scanlation seems to be on hold currently.


The anime of Wagaya No Oinari Sama produced by Zexcs, it aired from April to September 2008 and had 24 episodes. It has been liscensed by NIS America and fully subbed into english. The full series is available as two premium DVD Box Sets from NIS's online store, or streamable from Anime News Network (eight dollars for each half of the series) with the first four episodes freely available for streaming.




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